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Crabapple, Spring Snow 5 gal
Container Size: 5 gal
Grown Dimensions:
A good tree selection for Thornton. Profuse, fragrant white flower in spring. Dense canopy. Very uniform tree.Maintenance Recommendations
Watering Winter watering - With a root feeder, add 8-10 gallons of water per month per trunk diameter inch, distributed evenly at the drip line of the tree. Season watering - If the tree is in turf grass, add 4-5 gallons per month. If in a planter bed, add 8-10 gallons per month per trunk diameter inch.
Pruning - the growth habit of this tree is decurrant, meaning that it naturally has several scaffold branches. Structurally prune the tree to maintain this habit.
Wrapping - this tree should be wrapped with crepe tree wrap until it has matured to a trunk diameter of 4". Wrapping should occur around Halloween, with unwrapping in mid April.
Mulching - this tree should be mulched around the base of the trunk. The mulch should be no more than 2" thick. Insure that the mulch is not touching the trunk.
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