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Maple, Crimson King 5 gal
Container Size: 5 gal
Grown Dimensions:
40-50 ft
Spectacular color you have to see to believe! dark purple right from the start, deepens in hue to an intense burgundy. Grows 40-50 ft. tall; spreads 30-40 ft. across. Well branched with sturdy limbs. Zones 4-8.If soil is heavy, mix with peat moss, dehydrated cow manure, or compost. Hold plant in hole with previous planting stain at ground level.Spread roots, add soil to fill 1/2 way, compact soil, complete filling, compact soil, water well. Beautiful dark purple foliage deepens into intense burgundy by summer. Water deeply once per week to keep the tree at its best. Feed yearly with a commercial 10-10-10 according to directions. Prune in late summer if needed. One of the most popular lawn specimens due to habit and color.
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