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Eastern Red Cedars 12" Top
Container Size: 12-18"
Grown Dimensions:
16-66 ft

***Disclaimer*** These cedars are pasture dug from Nebraska. Nebraska has been infested with a Japanese Beetle in the fall of 2016. These trees have been dipped in bifenthrin and chlorpyrifos. These pesticides are low toxicity for dermal exposure, with both being classified as mild or non-irritants for skin. Please be sure to wear gloves when handling or planting these cedars for extra protection.
There is not much green in the winter landscape of the Great Plains. In fact Kansas has only one native evergreen tree. It is called the Eastern Red Cedar. All other native trees in Kansas lose their foliage in the winter, so they do not provide much shelter from winter weather.Thus the Eastern Red Cedar becomes a vital source of shelter for many birds and mammals when it gets real cold and nasty.

The overall color of cedars varies from green to bluish-green to bronze. The scaly foliage can be very spiky or relatively smooth. The bark has flat grey ridges and readily peels off in strips. The wood has long been a favorite for constructing trunks and decorative boxes. It has a beautiful marbled, reddish color and is pleasantly aromatic.
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