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Posted on: March 15, 2017
Posted on: August 31, 2016
Posted on: August 22, 2016
Cheyenne Co Farmers' Market
To help strengthen our local food system, through educating and empowering community support of a marketplace that supports healthy, local, and sustainable food and homemade items to contribute to our local economy.
Cheyenne County Kansas
Cheyenne County is the most northwestern county in the great state of Kansas.
Division of Conservation, KS Department of Agriculture
The Division of Conservation, working with the 105 local conservation districts, the 88 organized watershed districts, other special pupose districts and state and federal entities administer programs to improve water quality, reduce soil erosion, conserve water, reduce flood potential and provide local water supply. The DOC has the responsibility to administer the Conservation District Law, the Watershed District Act and other statues authorizing various programs.
K-State Research and Extension
K-State Research and Extension is a short name for the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. We are a partnership between Kansas State University and federal, state and county government, with offices in every Kansas county. We conduct research through Kansas that is then shared by Extension agents and others on owur websites and through numerous conferences, workshops, field days, publications, newsletters and more.
Kansas Association of Conservation Districts
The Kansas Association of Conservation Districts is a voluntary, nongovernmental, nonprofit, incorporated organization that was established in 1944. Its members are the conservation districts located in the state's 105 counties. Throughout its history, KACD has helped forged key partnerships among federal, state an dlocal entities all committed to a common goal: wise and efficient conservation practices to protect the state's natural resources.
Natural Resources Conservation Service
With the mission of "helping People Help the Land," the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides products and services that enable people to be good stewards of the Nation's soil, water, and related natural resources on non-Federal lands. With our help, people are better able to conserve, maintain, or improve their natural resources. As a result of our technical and financial assistance, land managers and communities take a comprehensive approach to the use and protection of n
Western Prairie RC&D
The counties of Northwest Kansas as a unified region working cooperatively to attain economic viability, enhanced quality of life, and realizing regional growth compatible with a quality environment.

Our mission is to be the vehicle to establish an environment of cooperation that will promote economic growth, stability, and enhanced quality of life within the counties of northwest Kansas.
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Cheyenne County Conservation District

785-332-2341 Ext.101
614B W Business US Hwy 36, St Francis, KS 67756-9600

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