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2017 Tree and shrub sale
ANYONE may order trees from us. There are no restrictions attached to whom may order trees.

Funds generated from the sale of trees, drip and weed barrier, etc. help finance conservation educational activities and materials in Cheyenne County.
Guarantee. The trees are guaranteed to be in good shape when the customer takes possession. Due to various care and weather conditions beyond out control, we do not guarantee survival of the trees.
Join us in February for our next Tree and Shrub Sale.
All prices include freight to St. Francis.

All purchased item are to be picked up at the Cheyenne Co. Fairgrounds. No items will be delivered.

8.500% Sales tax will be added to each order.

Article: Ornamentals: Ten Rules for Planting Trees

Click an item for more information and ordering.
Bare Roots
Deer Repellent Sticks
Containerized Fruit
Containerized Evergreens
Large Containerized Shade Trees
5 galPatmore Ash$40
5 galRedbud 5 gal$40
Pasture Dug Windbreak Cedars
Two Year Fertilizer Slow Release Tablets
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